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My teaching philosophy evolved from many years of teaching experience. I strive to maintain high quality standards in my lectures define realistic objectives for my students and constantly implement positive changes that will improve quality education. To accomplish this, I apply a wide variety of strategies and methods encompassing: motivation, lecturing strategies and methods for active class participation, creating a positive lecturing environment, differentiated instruction, research and library skills, technology, visual learning, critical and creative thinking, communication with colleagues and other institutions and assessment.

Home  Teaching Philosophy  Sample Lectures  Professional Development

Teaching Philosophy

Based on a problem solving strategy in real life situations with emphasis on the development of critical thinking skills.

My teaching philosophy consists of a variety of beliefs concerning teaching, learning, the lecturer, students and my discipline. These beliefs accumulated from my own experience and reflection as a lecturer, teacher and student.

Primary teaching starts with acknowledging the students' needs, strengths, weaknesses and abilities. I enhance effective teaching by creating an informal atmosphere, where groups can work together. Students need to solve problems themselves rather than me providing answers and resolving the problems. I motivate my students to use their critical thinking skills in a creative way to solve the posed problems. I consider motivation as the bridge between successful teaching and successful learning. I belief that self activity, reflection, renewal and to share accumulated experiences between colleagues, students and the teaching community forms the base of motivation and effective learning.

Effective learning in my discipline is important to instil a sense of interest and challenges to my students ensuring they are actively engaged in meaningful , critical thinking orientated learning activities, despite their learning disabilities. I consider good communication as the foundation of effective teaching and learning in order to reach the whole person. To ensure that each student will acquire the learning outcomes at his/her own pace according to his/her ability. I incorporate a variety of flexible teaching strategies. These teaching strategies are mostly based on student centered learning where I place more responsibilities on the students to take the initiative for meeting the outcomes of various learning tasks. Learners learn to actively participate and collaborate with other students.

I design group activities which necessitates active learning, student –student collaboration and problem solving. I try to design learning situations and activities that require students to process and apply course content in a creative and original way, regardless of his learning disabilities. The success of my teaching style is largely dependent on reflection during and after lectures and through evaluations.

I consider technology as an important source to support student performance with complex tasks and can be integrated into activities that form a core part of the curriculum .Technology has been proved to accommodate learning styles and to be an effective motivator for students with specific learning needs. The internet provides a valuable source of content knowledge when students need to complete research assignments. Technology not only saves time when preparing my Power Point lecturing lessons but is also neat, readable and visually interesting.

I set and maintain explicit, high but realistic goals. Teaching in my discipline allows me to focus on the whole student’s development rather than only the content matter. My goal is to ensure that students are well trained teachers that will make a difference in the future of our children’s lives. To reach my goal I expect learners to be active learners who will:

  • take advantage of extra credit opportunities if offered
  • develop a passion for the course
  • participate in active and collaborate practices
  • take full responsibility for his/her own learning
  • complete all assignments correctly and neatly, within the time frame
  • attend classes punctually
  • reflect with me on the teaching and learning experience

For me to be a professional lecturer, I aim to be a caring role model in the lecture room and in the community. Students should respect me as a competent, positive, fair, and empathy loaded person. I follow an open door policy where I encourage students to contact me with any concerns inside and outside of the lecture room.

I regard professional development as priority in order to stay abreast with the latest developments in educational matters. Attending workshops, seminars, reflection activities, conducting research, be technologically informed, interviewing expertise and exchanging ideas with colleagues are invaluable resources for my in depth development.

I see teaching as the most effective and enjoyable way to change the world. Teaching allows me to make a profound and positive impact on someone’s life. Through teaching I can make a difference in my student’s life. I can work on hearts and minds and guide people in becoming empowered, literate engaged, liberated human beings who can apply the skills they have acquired to solve problem based issues in the community.

Home  Teaching Philosophy  Sample Lectures  Professional Development

Sample Lectures

Sample lectures on assessment, learning, curriculum, didactics, media and strategies.

Home  Teaching Philosophy  Sample Lectures  Professional Development

Professional Development

I am strengthening my skills continuously through participating in education publications and conferences. I am also actively involved in an international comparative study about quality education.